How to buy FITFI (Step) on CEX

We will take the Bybit as an example.

  1. Sign Up or Log in to your account

  2. Find FITFI/USDT spot trading pair by typing in the search field on the main screen,

  3. Click on the 'Spot Trading' option,

  4. If you're not familiar with trading at all, use the 'Market' tab in the trading widget to buy FITFI tokens by the current market price,

  5. To withdraw, click the 'Assets' tab near your profile picture,

  6. On the 'Asset Overview' tap on the 'Withdraw' button,

  7. Pick the FITFI token, enter your Metamask wallet address and pick the Step network for a withdrawal,

  8. Submit the withdrawal.

Get FITFI on other CEX:

The full list of available pairs and exchanges:

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