1. Enter your email address,

  2. Check your email and copy the code,
    You might need to check the spam folder too.

  3. Paste the code to the app,

  4. Decide whether you would like to synchronise your Step App activity with the Health App,

  5. Read the tutorial and get to know Step App a little bit better,

  6. Allow access to your location, it's crucial to have this turned on.

Creating a non-custodial wallet on Android:

  1. Click on the 'Wallet' icon in the upright corner,

  2. Click on the 'Transfer' button,

  3. Create a new wallet by pressing the 'Create a new wallet' button,

  4. Set and repeat a passcode,

  5. There are 12 words, a seed phrase to your wallet: it must be stored securely. Confirm that you have saved the seed phrase by pressing the 'I have written down' button,
    We advise you to store the seed phrase on multiple offline mediums because this wallet is non-custodial and the access cannot be restored if you lose your seed phrase.

  6. Repeat the seed phrase and confirm,

  7. Check your email, paste the code to the app and click the 'Confirm' button.
    Don't forget to check your spam folder too!

Creating a non-custodial wallet on iOS:

  1. Open the web wallet,

  2. Log in using your email address from the app,

  3. Connect your Metamask or another wallet supported by the Wallet Connect,

  4. Check your email address and enter the code,
    Don't forget to check your spam folder too!

Please keep in mind that you can create only one wallet for an account.

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