How to top up the balance?
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So, you have FITFI or KCAL tokens and have linked your wallet on iOS or Android. We have you covered!

Important note:

When withdrawing FITFIs from Avalanche C-Chain Network, you should bridge them to Step Network before sending them to your in-game wallet. Here's a guide on this process.

Transfer to the Android app:

  1. Open the app and click on the 'Wallet' icon in the upright corner,

  2. Click on the 'Receive' button below,

  3. Click on the 'Copy address' button,

  4. When withdrawing FITFI or KCAL tokens, specify the copied address.

Transfer to the iOS App:

The process is slightly different for iOS users.

  1. Open Web App,

  2. Log into your account via the same email as in the app,

  3. Connect your Metamask wallet or any other wallet that is supported by Wallet Connect,

  4. Click on the 'Wallet' button on the top menu,

  5. Pick your non-custodial wallet in the menu above the token list,

  6. Pick FITFI or KCAL wallet, enter the amount you need to send to your Spending in-game wallet and confirm sending.

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