How to top up the balance?
Written by Dan
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So, you have FITFI or KCAL tokens already in your wallet? We have you covered! The easiest way is to top up using official Step Wallet app. If you have one - check out this article on how to transfer to internal wallet.

But you can also do it via web browser and the below steps will help you with that.


  • When withdrawing FITFIs from Avalanche C-Chain Network, you should bridge them to Step Network before sending them to your in-game wallet. Here's a guide on this process.

  • Have enough FITFI to cover transaction costs

Transferring to the app with Web App

  1. Open Web App,

  2. Log into your account via the same email as in the app,

  3. Click on the 'Wallet' button on the top menu,

  4. Connect your MetaMask wallet or any other wallet that is supported by Wallet Connect

  5. Switch to 'Wallet' tab from 'Spendings'

  6. Pick the token you would like to transfer and click on 'Transfer' specifying the amount you want to transfer

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