The sneakers can be bought for FITFI tokens, which you can get on various platforms. Check out the guide on how and where to buy FITFI tokens.

Option №1: On the Marketplace via the Sneakers tab.

  1. Open the Marketplace tab,

  2. Pick a sneaker that suits you and click on it,

  3. Click on the 'Buy' button below on the sneaker page,

  4. Confirm the purchase, and you're good to go.

Option №2: On the Marketplace via the Shoebox tab.

  1. Open the Marketplace,

  2. Swipe to the 'Shoebox' tab,

  3. Pick a shoebox that contains a random sneaker,

  4. Click on the shoebox and confirm the purchase,

  5. Switch to the 'Inventory' tab,

  6. Switch to the 'Shoebox' tab,

  7. Click on the shoebox and open it.
    The sneaker will be in the 'Sneakers' tab.

What is the difference between buying a sneaker on the market and buying a shoebox?

On the market, you can get only used sneakers, that have probably been minted, from the shoeboxes you can get new and squeaky clean ones.

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