What is the Step Protocol?

An introduction to Step's fast and community-owned blockchain.

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Step Protocol is a network for life, not trading algorithms: a network for the pursuit of lifestyle, fitness, and consumption.

Step blockchain is an EVM-compatible blockchain. It's built on the base of Avalanche code with added elements. This brings the proven network security of an established codebase to faster throughput. This is a foundation for internet-scale apps for life.

Step Protocol has its gas token — FITFI, which is used in the Step App and other ecosystem projects.

Step ecosystem nurtures its three key goals: lifestyle, wellness/fitness, and consumer brands, developers, and corporations benefit from NFT infrastructure, integrated metaverse, and composable intellectual property.

Projects built on Step Protocol:

  • Step Ex

  • Step App


  • Global Titans

And there are going to be more appealing listings and collaborations!

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