Where to buy KCAL tokens?
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KCAL is an internal currency of the Step App. All costs in KCAL are going to support the in-game economy. You can get them by:

And use them to:

  • Repair your gears,

  • Level-up gears,

  • Mint sneakers and headsets.

How to buy on Step Ex

1. Connect your wallet,
2. Pick an asset to sell,
3. Pick KCAL as an asset to buy,
4. Click on the 'Swap' button.
Use the article for instructions with pictures.

How to buy KCAL on CEX

Links to exchanges

The full list of available pairs and exchanges: Here🏃🏻‍♀️

Bying KCAL on Bybit

We will take the Bybit as an example.

  1. Log in to your account or make one,

  2. Find KCAL in the list of tokens,

  3. Click on the 'KCAL/USDT' trading pair in the list,

  4. If you're not familiar with trading at all, use the 'Market' tab to buy KCAL tokens by the current market price,

  5. Find the 'Assets' list next to the profile picture in the upright corner, open the 'Withdrawal' tab, choose KCAL in a list and specify the network of the token,

  6. Specify the address of your Metamask or another one that is supported by Wallet Connect and confirm the withdrawal.

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