There are two wallets in the game, let's find out what's the difference.

Spendings Wallet

A custodial wallet that is used to make purchases in the game. It's built-in in into the application.


A non-custodial wallet that is created by you if you're using Android or that is binding with your Metamask (or other Wallet Connect wallet) if you're using the iOS version.

Neither we nor anybody else have access to this wallet. So, please store your seed phrase securely and do not send it to anybody.

What network do my in-game wallets support?

The answer is:
Step Network.

To send the funds from the Avalanche C-Chain network, please use the bridge. Here's the guide.

❗️Funds sent directly from Avalanche C-Chain will not be accessible in the app and could not be retrieved.❗️

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