Sneakers are the key part of the game which promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. There are different sneaker types, attributes and traits. Each one has a unique appearance, which you can choose from!

Sneaker Types

Different sneaker types will vary the amount of KCAL tokens you get as you move based on the speed. These are detailed below.


Suitable for leisurely walks.

Recommended speed: 1-6 km/h.


Suitable for fast pacing or light running.

Recommended speed: 4-10 km/h.


Suitable for fast running.

Recommended speed: 8-20 km/h.


Versatile type, suitable at any pace.

Recommended speed: 1-20 km/h.

Sneakers Attributes

Attributes such as Activity, Luck, Balance and Resistance increase at each level and affect the earning of KCAL tokens.

Attributes which are set when you create the sneaker are called basic. Those that increase with each level are called additional.

💫 Activity

Determines the amount of KCAL tokens earned, for each energy unit used.


Determines the chance of receiving a chest while running. The longer the run lasts, the higher of luck attribute and the higher the chance of receiving a chest.

🍃 Balance

Determines the number of KCAL tokens that will be received after the burning process.

🪨 Resistance

Determines the rate of recovery reduction for the sneaker's durability.

Sneakers Quality

There are five sneaker qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

The following attributes depend on the sneaker’s quality:

  • Range of the sneaker’s basic attributes,

  • The number of additional attributes increases as the sneaker levels up.

When creating a new sneaker the basic values of each attribute will be chosen at random based on the quality of the sneakers.

You cannot change the quality of the sneaker, but you can buy or get a better quality sneaker from a shoebox or from the market.


Represents the durability rate of the sneaker. While running, each unit of energy used decreases the sneaker's durability level. The lower the durability, the lower the sneaker’s attributes.

Each quality type has its own safety margin:

  • Common — 30 durability,

  • Uncommon — 50 durability,

  • Rare — 70 durability,

  • Epic — 90 durability,

  • Legendary — 110 durability.


Represents the distance travelled. You gain experience for each unit of energy used while running. When you reach a certain experience level, the rank increases. The higher the rank, the higher the burning reward.

The highest rank is 30.

Levelling Up

As the sneaker’s level increases it allows you to improve its attributes. When reaching a new level, additional attributes will be randomly distributed between Activity, Luck, Balance and Resistance.

The additional attribute's value for different quality types grows non-linear with each rising level:

The total amount of added additional stats at Level 30:


This requires two sneakers with maximum durability. There are no restrictions on the level of sneakers.

Each sneaker can only be used a maximum of 5 times in the minting process. It takes 72 hours before you can mint again.

The sneaker receives a 15% penalty on all attributes after minting, but the price of the next mint is reduced. The penalty is stacking up to 75%.

After mint, your minted parent-sneaker will have a visible debuff:

The mint price depends on the sneakers' quality, and the number of times each sneaker has been minted before.

Upon receiving the shoebox, it can be immediately opened and the new sneaker can be taken out of it. You can also put the shoebox up for sale on the market or store it in your wallet, but you have to wait 48 hours after minting.

The shoebox type depends on the parent sneaker’s quality:

The new sneaker’s quality depends on the shoebox type:

The new sneaker’s type depends on the parent sneaker:

Sneakers Traits

During the minting, the sneaker has a chance to pick up a trait which will affect the game.

There are 7 traits that are present in the game. All of them are enhancing your sneaker stats.

One sneaker can have up to two traits.

Mint Price -X%

Lowers the price of the mint by the specified percentage.

If you mint two sneakers, both with this trait, the final mint price reduction is calculated based on both sneaker stats, trait stats and other parameters.

Mint Cooldown -X%

Lowers the time after minting you should wait before being able to mint again.

If you mint two sneakers, both with this trait, the reduction is applied to each sneaker separately, i.e. one sneaker could be available for mint earlier than the another one.

Trade Orders +X

Increases the amount that can be sold at the market simultaneously.

For now, the limit of items that can be put on sale is 3. This trait will add additional slots for the items.

Activity +X%

Adds a percentage based on a basic stat of your sneaker to the Activity trait.

Balance +X%

Adds a percentage based on a basic stat of your sneaker to the Balance trait of your sneaker.

Resistance +X%

Adds a percentage based on the basic stat of your sneaker to the Resistance trait.

Luck +X%

Adds a percentage based on the basic stat of your sneaker to the Luck trait.


Burning is the process in which a sneaker can be burnt earning you KCAL tokens. You can recover or even multiply the tokens invested in the sneaker by accumulating enough rank and enhancing the balance attribute!

In one day you can only burn one sneaker.

The amount from burning will be credited in full to the user, without any commission.

Only those sneakers that reached rank 2 or higher can be burnt. You need to spend energy on the sneaker to increase its rank.

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