Energy & Bonus Energy

Regeneration, limits and a couple of energy features: all in one article.

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Energy is the primary resource in the game. To start spending energy, you have to get a sneaker first. Each unit of energy used while running takes some of the gear's durability. In return you get KCAL tokens, the sneaker rank is then accrued and the chance of receiving a chest increases.

One unit of energy equals approximately one minute of activity.

Every unit of energy is restored separately. The full recovery takes 24 hours. The pool of energy after the registration is going to be filled after 24 hours.

Bonus Energy

By storing sneakers on the shelf you will feel an energy boost — that's the bonus energy!

Thanks to this feature you can go above energy limits and continue to run and receive your rewards!

The rarer the sneaker on the shelf, the more energy bonus it gives.

So that you know, the bonus energy is spent only when the main energy supply is drained. The amount of bonus energy you can spend right away is 10% of the main energy, i.e. if your main supply is 100 units, the amount of bonus energy is limited to 10.

Is there an energy limit?

There is, but it's part of your journey to find out where exactly.

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