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How the winner of the Clash Battle is picked?
How the winner of the Clash Battle is picked?
Written by Dan
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Master Stat

It's an attribute that is picked randomly for both sneakers clashing. It's the most valuable stat that will influence the outcome of a duel.

What else matters? How the winner is chosen?

Besides a master stat which is randomly chosen for each Clash, all other attributes of a sneaker matter: each attribute is weighted by the system and calculated into the total score. Also, the number of steps made weights too and then added to the final score.

For example:

The master stat for your duel is randomly set to the 'Balance' attribute. Your sneaker has a 1000 'Balance', and your opponent's sneaker has a 950 'Balance'.

Your sneaker will win if the sum of weighted other attributes, besides the master stat 'Balance', and amount of steps made will score higher than your opponent's.

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