Sneaker Traits Descriptions
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Traits are additional boosts that are increasing the stats of your sneaker, or adding new features. Traits are in the sneaker tab, right under the 'Base' button. You can open it by clicking on a sneaker in your inventory or on the marketplace.

Here's the list of the traits presented in the game. One sneaker can have up to two traits.

There's also a chance to receive a trait while minting two sneakers.

Mint Price -X%:

Lowers the price of the mint by the specified percentage.

If you mint two sneakers with this trait, the final mint price reduction is calculated based on both sneaker stats, trait stats and other parameters.

Mint Cooldown -X%:

Lowers the time after minting you should wait before being able to mint again.

If you mint two sneakers, both with this trait, the reduction is applied to each sneaker separately, i.e. one sneaker could be available for mint earlier than another one.

Trade Orders +X:

Increases the amount that can be sold at the market simultaneously.

For now, the limit of items that can be put on sale is 3. This trait will add additional slots for the items.

Activity +X%:

Adds a percentage based on a basic stat of your sneaker to the Activity trait.

Resistance +X%:

Adds a percentage based on the basic stat of your sneaker to the Resistance trait.

Luck +X%:

Adds a percentage based on the basic stat of your sneaker to the Luck trait.

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