How to open Lootboxes from Staking?
Written by Diana
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By participating in the staking program you have a chance to try your luck in a lottery every 14 days and get valuable rewards, such as lootboxes. They, in turn, may contain essential gear.

Every address can win up to 5 lootboxes. Also, please keep in mind, to participate in the lottery, the funds have to be in the pool at the moment the snapshot is taken.

Transfer your lootbox to Spendings of your mobile app:

  1. Open the web app and log into your Step App account,

  2. Connect your Metamask wallet (the same one you used to claim your lootbox),

  3. Open the 'Wallet' tab,

  4. Choose a token or a lootbox to transfer and click on the token tab,

  5. Click on the 'Transfer' button,

  6. Enter the amount to send,

  7. Click on the 'Transfer' button and confirm the sending to your wallet.

After that your lootbox appears in the 'Lootboxes' tab of your app inventory, there you can open it and receive your desired reward.

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