How to Set Up MetaMask Wallet?
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Please see below the instruction on how to set up MetaMask wallet using Chrome browser extension.

  1. Press 'Download' in the menu bar.

  2. Click 'Install MetaMask for Chrome'. You will be directed to the Chrome Web Store.

  3. Click 'Add to Chrome'.

  4. On the pop up, click 'Add extension'.

    Install MetaMask Chrome
  5. After adding MetaMask Extension, MetaMask will automatically open.

  6. You will be prompted with two available options. Considering that it is new account you should click 'Create a Wallet'

  7. Set up your password

  8. A screen will appear with information about your Secret passphrase. Watch the video carefully and read the guide. You have to write this Secret phrase down in order to have access to your wallet. Please make sure that it is secured and only you have access to it.

  9. MetaMask will then prompt you to complete the 12-word sequence before you can move on to the final steps.

  10. You've set it up! Now you would need to top up your wallet with tokens. Follow this link to see how you can do it.

You can check official Metamask documentation on how to set up a wallet for different browser and devices here. Or you can always check our guide on how to set up MetaMask on your smartphone by this link.

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