Step Wallet: Wallet management
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Have you created a wallet in Step Wallet or imported one already?

Great! This article can help you with wallet management questions.

Several External wallets under one profile

You can have several wallets at once in the External wallet tab.

  1. Go to External wallet tab

  2. Press on arrow down to expand the list of available wallets

  3. Click on 'Add new wallet'

  4. Follow the instructions from here to import new or create one in Step Wallet

  5. You can see newly added wallet in the wallet list

Exporting wallet's private key

  1. Go to External wallet tab

  2. Select the wallet you want to export key from

  3. Press on éxport icon

  4. In the pop-up window confirm the private key export

Please make sure that the private key is securely stored by you as it allows full access to your wallet funds.

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