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How to submit documents for KYC?

After registration, you should pass the KYC, which is necessary to receive an allocation.

Please pay attention that the KYC procedure is held by our partner [Blockpass]( and we can't disclose the reason behind a certain decision.

`Your inquiry will be considered within 24 hours.`

Sign In or create an account,

Click on the 'Submit' button in the KYC tab,

In the pop-up window click on the 'Start' button,

Write the email that is used for your Step Launch account and click on the 'Continue' button,

Receive a single-use link to your KYC procedure at your email address,
​**`Please make sure that you checked your Spam folder too!`**

Open the link on your mobile phone and proceed with the verification process with the type of document you have.

`Attention! When specifying an address for the KYC procedure, make sure to specify the same address as in the Step Launch account.`

If you have encountered any issues in the KYC process, please refer to Blockpass support articles or to their support team directly.

Updated on: 18/03/2024

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