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What is Step Wallet and how to use it?

Step Wallet is the official Step wallet app designed to better interact with the Step ecosystem. It is available for both Android and iOS users.

Step Wallet contains two tabs (also called wallets):

Internal, where in-game balances are located. With their help, you buy game assets online and use your processing potential using the Step application.

External, which was designed for convenient replenishment of game balances and withdrawal of earned tokens. Here you can connect your existing wallet (for example, Metamask) or create a new wallet using the Step application.

With Step Wallet you can

Trade crypto on the Step Network;
Trade crypto on AVAX C-Chain;
Transfer FITFI/KCAL to your internal wallet (the same operation can be activated using web applications);
Transfer FITFI/KCAL from the Step ingame wallet to a connected external wallet;
Deposit crypto to your external wallet;
Withdraw crypto to any other external wallet;
Buy KCAL or FITFI instantly with the 3rd vendor provider (Mercury)

Please see this article for more information.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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