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How to choose a Headset?

Do your research and compare the options, you can maximise your earnings and get the best deal based on Headset attributes.

Also, be mindful when buying Headsets that have been minted more than once. There are fines that are applied to minted Headsets’ attributes. Each time a Headset is minted the attributes will be fined and reduced by -15%. The more times a Headset has been minted, the larger the impact of the fine will be.

If you are up for taking risks, you may choose a Headset with higher values for attributes like Luck. The higher your Luck attribute, the higher your chance of receiving a chest while running. Chests can include valuable in-game items. However, luck is two-sided, so you may receive no chests at all. The Luck attribute comes with high risk, but high rewards.
If you are not a big risk taker and want to play it safe, you may choose a Headset that has higher activity and resistance attributes for consistent stable earnings.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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