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How to start an AI Workout?


You have your gear equipped,
You have at least 10 energy to complete the training session,
You have granted Step App a camera access
You've positioned your smartphone so the camera can track your workout,

Have you checked the above requirements? Great! You are ready to move:

Open Step App and navigate to the main screen,
Tap on AI Workouts,
Select the program that fits you best.
Turn your camera on so that the app can track your movements.
Each workout consists of 5-6 exercises and 3 laps. You can check on how to perform exercise correctly before starting it. Also:

Once you start an exercise you will see how your moves are being traced by the camera,
Each repetition will be analysed by an AI assistant, and you will see a score on the screen along with recommendations on how to improve your exercise technique,
The higher your score, the bigger reward you get

You can have a short break after each lap. You need to finish all laps to get maximum rewards. Please note, that

You can pause your training any time,
You can finish your training any time but a deducted amount will be distributed.

Once you have finished your training you will see your training performance. The higher score you get, the higher KCAL reward you receive. See this article for more information on how to analyse results.

Feel free to leave a review on your past training.

Important notes

You can run your training with 0 energy, but 0 KCAL will be rewarded to you

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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