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How much is the Clash's entry fee?

Welcome to Clash Battles – where fitness meets fun and rewards even if you're staying at home! Clash Battles bring out the best players together: as you compete head-to-head with fellow fitness enthusiasts. Show off your sneakers, push your limits, and climb the ranks to become a walking champion!

The entry fee depends on the Division that you're competing and is linked to the real exchange rate of FITFI and may fluctuate. The higher the rank, the bigger the fees and rewards:

Rookie Division: 2-5 player rank,

Pay 10 energy,

Challenger Division: 6-10 player rank,

Pay 15 energy.

Elite Division: 11-15 player rank,

Pay 20 energy.

Supreme Division: 16+ player rank,

Pay 25 ENERGY.

Updated on: 14/06/2024

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