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How to bridge your FITFI tokens?

Please make sure that you're visiting our official Bridge app:

A bridge is used to transfer your asset between supported chains without any losses. Use the Step Bridge to transfer your FITFI tokens from AVAX C-Chain to Step Network.


You have your MetaMask wallet set up

Make sure that you have AVAX in your wallet to cover gas costs. You can use this article to see the hints on how to top up your MetaMask with AVAX coins (_please buy AVAX instead of FITFI and select AVAX C-Chain as withdrawal destination chain_)

Make FITFI tokens visible in your MetaMask wallet

How to use Step Bridge

Connect your wallet,

Switch the network you're currently on to the Avalanche C-Chain by clicking on the 'Switch network' upright button,

Enter the amount you would like to transfer and click on the 'Bridge' button,

Confirm sending in your wallet,

Add the Step Network to your wallet by using the parameters from the article.

Here is the list of some exchanges you can use in order to bridge tokens back to the Avalanche C-Chain (_make sure that the deposit network on the exchange side is the same you are sending your tokens from_):

You can find the full list of supported exchanges on CoinMarketCap:



Updated on: 18/03/2024

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