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Staking pools explained.

At the moment there are three staking pools:

2+ months,
6+ months,
12+ months.

You can actually stake in both of them at the same time. We will explain later, stay tuned.

What if I want to withdraw tokens early?

You can withdraw tokens at any moment, but if they haven't been in the pool for at least 14 days, a penalty of 16% will be subtracted from the amount staked.

What rewards can I receive?

Every 14 days we're having a lottery for people participating in our staking program. You can be one of those luckiest to win a lootbox. Lootbox can contain such items as:

Bonus energy for your sneaker or headset,

And that's an addition to the APR%! But there's a limit: every address can win up to 5 lootboxes.

Will the number of rewards be increased?

Yes! We're always trying to make our community happy and healthy (and a bit wealthier), so stay tuned on our social media - we will announce if the rewards will become even bigger.

Should I re-stake after the 2-6-month limit passed?

You don't have to! If you have initially staked tokens in the 2+ months pool, but, for example, it's been six months since you staked — you will receive rewards for both the 2+ months pool and the 6+ months pool. It works the same with the 12+ months pool.

What makes Step pools different?

Great question! The distinctive feature is that the income is achieved not by multiplying tokens, but by redistribution of tokens that were withdrawn from users as a penalty for early withdrawal from a pool. This feature also supports the project's governance token — FITFI.

Updated on: 03/05/2024

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