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How to stake FITFI tokens?

Open the Staking Page,
Connect your Metamask wallet or another wallet via Wallet Connect by pressing the Connect Wallet button in the upright corner,
​You might be asked to change the network to Step Network — confirm this change.

Enter the amount you would like to stake in the light-yellow field,
Press the Stake button,
Confirm the transaction.

Got you:

In the navigation in the up-left corner find a tab called Zero-Inflation Yield,
Switch to the Zero-Inflation Yield tab,
Find the Stake History area where all information about your staked funds is visible.

Valuable question here. There you go:

Find the History button in the upright corner, right next to your address,
Click on the History tab.

Keep in mind that the snapshot for the lottery is taken every 14 days. And to participate in the lottery the funds has to be in the pool at the moment the snapshot is taken.

Updated on: 05/05/2024

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