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How to withdraw FITFI from the pools?

Open the staking page,

Connect your wallet by clicking on the 'Connect wallet' button in the upright corner,

Click on the 'Withdraw' button,

Choose a stake to unstake,
Remember that you can withdraw only the whole stake if you have deposited your funds in a single deposit.

Read the rules and click on the 'Unstake' button if you agree with them,

Give the approval for the unstake in your Metamask wallet,

When the card becomes black you will be given a chance to cancel the unstaking process to save your drop tickets. If you still want to proceed with the withdrawal, press the 'Withdraw' button,
Then you will be given a chance to wait 14 days to withdraw without a penalty, if you would like to withdraw immediately the penalty of 16% will be subtracted from the staked amount,
Click 'Withdraw now with penalty' to withdraw funds immediately with a 16% FITFI penalty and confirm the withdrawal in your Metamask wallet.

Updated on: 02/05/2024

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