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How to buy items?

The marketplace consists of several sections. Let's recap them:


A section with the hottest deals on items directly from Step App. You can always find items for a great price, especially if you're new: there are always great deals available, once you buy an item on the Sales tab, the regular Marketplace will be unlocked. You should keep in mind that items bought with special prizes cannot be sold within 2 months and items from Sales tab are not tradable within 1 month.
When you buy a shoebox/case in the Sales Tab, you will receive the declared rarity with a 100% probability. However, when you buy from other users, the chance of receiving the probability of getting the same rarity is reduced to 90%.


A section with sneakers that were put on sale by other players,

A section with headsets that were put on sale by other players,


A section with watches that were put on sale by other players,


A section with gems that were put on sale by other players,


A section with boxes that were put on sale by other players. In this section, you can filter the boxes and find Shoeboxes, Cases, and Lootboxes

In the Sales tab to purchase the item, you should:

Click on the Buy button. The item will be bought immediately.

In other sections, you should:

Navigate to the section with items you would like to purchase,
Click on the item,
Confirm the purchase by pressing the button at the bottom of the screen.

Updated on: 05/07/2024

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