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I lost access to my wallet, forgot the password or my wallet has been compromised. What should I do?

Since the Step ecosystem is decentralized, we do not store your seed phrases and passwords on our platforms. Unfortunately, access to the apps and funds cannot be restored on our part. The same goes for your Metamask wallet — the seed phrase is not stored on Step platforms or Metamask.

If you haven't logged out from your account, you can transfer your funds elsewhere and create a new account.
If your wallet has been compromised, changing the password won't help you to secure the funds. You also should create a new account and transfer the remaining funds to it.

We advise you to store your seed phrase offline on multiple carriers to prevent fraudsters from taking control of your funds and also for you to have backup access even if your primary device is not accessible anymore.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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