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Invite your friends

How to invite someone with a referral code?

Open the Profile tab,
Click on the Invite Friends tab,
Copy the code and send it directly to your friends or use the 'Share' button to post it to the social media of your choice.

The code should be used after the registration within 24 hours after sharing.

Referee earns:

10 bonus Energy,
A random gem.

Referrer earns:

A percentage of KCAL for every run the referee goes on.
This percentage depends on the referrer’s tier, see below.

How many times can I share a referral code?

As many times as you want, it’s unlimited!

Referral codes are personalised for each referrer and are always accessible in the app.

How and where can I upgrade the tier of a referral?

Click on the individual referral’s profile you want to upgrade, there you will find a button ‘Tier’ up. Confirm the tier upgrade and the KCAL fee. Done, it’s that easy!

Where can I see how much I have earned from specific referrals?

For each individual referral, you check out their unique referral profile. Inside that profile, you find details on the sneaker they have, the amount of KCAL you earned from their runs and a lifetime graph.

Where can I find the different tiers for each referral?

You can only find the tiers interface available in the profile section of the app when you have referred someone successfully. Inside this section, a list of all your successful referrals will be available. For each referral, the tier they are in is displayed next to their name, plus you can find the % of KCAL that you will earn on their runs.

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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