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Run rewards calculations

A user can influence their earnings from running by upgrading their sneakers and headphones, as well as using the shelf. However, Step App opens new opportunities to increase earnings from running by allowing users to compete with other players!

A portion of the reward for each run goes into a daily prize pool, which is awarded daily at 00:00 UTC. How much of the prize pool you will take depends solely on your activity in the referral program. The more friends you bring into the game, the more you can earn from running!

Important Information:

70% of the reward is credited immediately after the run.
30% goes into the prize pool, which forms over 24 hours and is distributed at midnight.
To participate in the pool, you need to invite at least one active referee to the game. The referee is considered to be active on the day they buy their first Shoebox in the Promotions section, regardless of when the invitation code was activated.
The distribution is proportional to the number of active referees among all participants, and each participant can receive up to 10% of the prize pool.


If you invite a friend today and they buy a Shoebox tomorrow, your reward will be issued from tomorrow's pool.
The reward pool forms until 23:59 UTC, and rewards are issued at midnight.
If you invited a referee a year ago but they bought their first Shoebox only today, you will receive a share from today's reward pool for that referee.


Total referral reward pool: 100,000 KCAL
Total Active referees in the pool: 50
If one of the pool participants has 10 active referees (20% of the total), they receive 10% of the total reward pool - 10,000 KCAL.
Other participants receive 2,250 KCAL for each active referee (100,000 - 10,000 = 90,000 KCAL / 40 active referees = 2,250 KCAL).

In addition, each player receives up to 20% of their referees' rewards. Stay active and run with Step App to earn even more!

Updated on: 11/06/2024

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