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Sneaker Attributes Reroll

This feature will allow you to randomly redistribute additional attributes of a sneaker.

To randomly reroll the additional attributes of your sneaker you need to:

Open the Inventory tab,

Tap on a Sneaker you would like to reroll,

Open the menu by clicking the in the bottom right corner,

Choose the Reroll option in the opened menu,

In the following screen, check the reroll price at the bottom of the screen and press the Reroll button.

How does reroll work?

When activating the reroll, attributes of your sneakers reset to the 1st level and then levelling again to the level on which you've activated the reroll, i.e. if you have activated the reroll on the 16th level — the levelling will stop at the 16th level.

Why it might be useful?

Since additional attributes are added randomly while levelling, your sneaker might have less Luck than you would like to have. The reroll feature will allow you to try your luck in getting a sneaker with the stats you would like to have.

Please pay attention that the reroll feature won't add additional units above the maximum value possible for the sneaker which depends on its quality. This feature only levels up your sneaker again.


Reroll is available from the 2nd level of a sneaker.


You will need FITFI tokens on your 'Spendings' to use this feature.

The cost depends on:

A current sneaker level,
Amount of rerolls that already have been done.

The minimum amount per reroll:


The maximum amount per reroll:

1335.1 FITFI

Updated on: 06/05/2024

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