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Staked FITFI tokens disappeared.

Open your Metamask wallet,

Check your address on stepscan,

Look into the 'Activity' tab,

_a)_ If there’s any outgoing transaction that was not made by you, we advise you to withdraw your remaining funds to another secured wallet address. It seems that you might have visited a fake site and your wallet is compromised. To prevent such things from happening, please, make sure that you’re accepting an authorization request from

​**_b)_** If there are no outgoing transactions, please, take these troubleshooting steps:

Unauthorize your wallet from the site,

Clear the browser cookies and cache for the site,

Authorize your Metamask wallet again and check the balance.

_If there are still any issues with the staked balance, please make sure you connect the initial wallet that had staked tokens before.

After any mass issue — your balance will be updated when the issue is resolved._

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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